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Our system not only prepares the surface for superior bonding, but repairs all the areas including potential problems areas. All joints and seams are reinforced with a flexible tape and then coated with waterproofing sealants.
The Process:
Weatherproofs’ "Elastomeric Renewal System" is a 2-step process:

1. Preparation

  • First , the roof is prepared so that it may be coated with Weatherproofs’ white acrylic elastomeric base. This consists of various treatments that a particular roof may need (i.e. Pressure cleaning, replacing loose and missing fasteners, removing all scaly rust, coating all rusty areas with Weatherproofs gray metal primer/sealer in order to neutralize rust, repairing all rust through holes, sealing skylights with a clear sealer, placing butyl tape on all horizontal seams, ridge cap seams, tops and bottoms of skylights and around the base of vents as needed, replace loose or missing ridge cap blocks, and sealing all areas where butyl tape was applied with Weatherproofs’ gray rubberized roof patch & seam sealer)

2. Application

  • The roof receives two heavy coats of Weatherproofs’ white acrylic elastomeric base applied 22-24 mils wet per coat at the rate of 70 sq. ft./gallon.