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Enjoy an enhanced appearance and stop leaks on your existing metal roof at less than half the cost of alternate reproofing options. Elastomeric Roof System is simply the most economical way to make an existing metal roof leak proof and look new.
Specializing in METAL Roof Protection!!
ENERGY EFFICIENT: Lowers interior temperatures.
PREVENTS LEAKS: Reduces costly water damage.
LOW COST: Beats replacement or other roof maintenance.
EXTENDS ROOF LIFE: Reduces aging due to weathering.
Our white elastomeric system reflects over 90% of the suns destructive ultraviolet rays. These rays are what break down other systems. By reflecting this radiant heat from your roof surface, you will drastically reduce roof temperatures, extend roof life, lower interior temperatures and help reduce cooling costs. Weatherproof renews metal roofs with an elastomeric roof coating system that has been proven in the industry for the past twenty years.